The Town of Brome Lake issued a statement on May 22 that it planned to amend the regulations at Tiffany Park (also called Tiffany Beach). A new policy would lead to the closure of the boat launch for motorized boats. A public meeting on this subject was held on May 29, hosted by Councillor Lee Patterson, with the mayor and Councillor David Taveroff also present along with approximately fifteen members of the public, including eight non-residents.

Since the early 2000s this access point has been free to use but in future those who wish to fish in power boats must pay for access from the two allowed access points, the Marina or Domaine des Érables. At the meeting it was pointed out that nowhere else in Quebec is lake-access free and, in many cases, access is restricted for non-residents.

The reasons given for closure are that there are risks in going under the low bridge; there are environmental issues and there have been poaching infractions stemming from this access point.

To date the changes at Tiffany Park have not come into effect but an announcement is planned at the July council meeting.