Christian Garon, who died after a tragic traffic accident at the age of 63, was a well-known and well-loved resident of Knowlton for more than 40 years.

Christian first came to the Eastern Townships as a resident of the Butters Home.

He had difficulties at home as a young boy and was sent to the Butters Home first in Austin and then Knowlton, where he settled as an adult with his close friend and roommate, John Blanchard, known to everyone as Johnny. Christian worked at several places in Knowlton, including Knowlton Academy, The Pub and Café Floral.

“Christian was a hard worker. He would do anything asked of him and was always available. He was a friendly man and very good with the customers,” said Janet Fraser, proprietor of the Café Floral where Christian worked for the last six years. “Christian was a kind person and he was very protective of the people he loved.”

On a sunny May morning, one of the customers who overheard the conversation about Christian, smiled and commented that he had fantastic memory.

“You could ask him anything from the past and he would come up with an answer,” she said.

Following his death, there was an outpouring of support online. Christian’s funeral was in the relatively small Desourdy Funeral home in Knowlton. Reverend Tim Wiebe of St. Paul’s Anglican Church officiated and he said that 1,300 people watched the service on the church’s Facebook site. At least 10 times that many have seen it since.