Claude Mitchell was a well-liked employee at the IGA and the smiling man behind the fish counter. Claude, who died at the age of 68, held several jobs since moving here, all of them dealing with food and people.

“He didn’t have an enemy in the world,” said Sue Mitchell, his wife of 43 years. Claude Mitchell was born in Lachine on November 1, 1951, “All Saints Day,” said his wife. He attended the French side of St. Thomas High School in Pointe-Claire.

In spite of his English last name, Claude was a Francophone. He worked at the Pointe- Claire Yacht Club as a young man, then took a Maître d’Hôtel course and further training in food and beverage management.

He first moved to Knowlton in 2006 as the maître d’ at the Lakeview Hotel, where he worked for four years. For a while, he was a representative for a South African wine company. “Claude went to South Africa to visit the vineyard, and he really enjoyed that,” said his wife.

He worked at the Knowlton Golf Club and joined the IGA in 2012. Claude Mitchell ran one of the most successful areas of the supermarket. He prepared the smoked salmon and made sure such delicacies as fresh lobster were always available. “He was popular with everyone and shared his smoked salmon recipes with the customers,” said the store owner, Michel Gazaille.

Claude Mitchell died on August 19. His wife Sue survives him along with their daughter Lorri-Anne Keith, and grandchildren Jenna and Nolan.