By communiqué

For more than fifty years, the Comptoir Familial de Knowlton (in the basement of St. Édouard’s church) has been providing its customers with clothing and items in very good condition and at reasonable prices, donated to us by generous donors. However, for several months now we have been receiving donations in a pitiful state: very dirty and torn clothing, worn shoes, small non-functional appliances, soiled bedding, broken or scratched dishes, incomplete or broken games, etc.

We are obliged to throw away or recycle the equivalent of 10 to 20 black bags per week. All donations we receive must be clean and sold as is. We therefore ask our donors to be selective by asking themselves if they would buy what they are about to give us. Please note that we no longer accept books or magazines.

Thank you for your collaboration and understanding.

Policy during the pandemic

The Counter is open on Thursdays from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. After sorting, the clothes are quarantined before being put on sale.
• No $7.00 sale per bag until further notice.
• We provide the bags for your purchases.
• Sanitary measures must be respected: wearing a mask and hand disinfection are mandatory.
• Please no trying-on of clothes is permitted.

• Children are not allowed in the premises.