The Town of Brome Lake has not seen such a home construction boom in a long time. Some 450 new homes, apartments and houses are to be built in the not too distant future.

In the past, the shortage of water had curtailed the development of the town. It now looks as if nothing could stop development. Here is a list of the main projects under construction or about to be started:

L’Art de Vivre (formerly Faubourg Lac-Brome) at the crossroads of Lakeside and Foster. 48 lots to build single family dwellings. It is the first carboneutral project.

Résidences du Marché, located south of Hwy 104 between Mt-Echo and Bourgade roads. About 15 lots for single family dwellings.

Jolibourg area along Jolibourg Street, some 50 lots for semi- detached houses.

Julien area along Julien street, seven lots for 6 to 8 multi-family dwellings.

Les Boisés d’Inverness St-Andrews St., Bondville some 50 lots for single family houses.

Domaine du Lac at the intersection of Rte 104 and 139 in West Brome. Ten lots for single family homes.

There are also eight new condos being added to the Jardins Coldbrook not to mention the condo project across the road from the Star Café.