This year Tour du Lac Brome is offering its 39th edition, which makes it one of the oldest road races in Quebec. The tour will be held from June 16 to 18, 2017, with races starting at the Lions Park in Knowlton. There are three new features this year:

• Brome Lake residents will benefit from a lower participation fee. Starting on May 1, residents registering for one of the races will pay a reduced fee to be announced on the Facebook pages of the event and Tempo.

• New 4.5 km off-road race, as well as the usual 2 and 9 km road races.These circuits have all been designed by Nicolas Lemaître, a Knowlton resident and phys. ed. teacher at Knowlton Academy, who in past years organized some Tour du Lac Brome events.

• Identification of local participants. It used to be that spectators were not able to spot local racers, unless they knew them, whereby the idea to correct this and allow spectators to acquaint themselves with racing neighbours, but also to push the crowds to better voice their encouragement as they race by. This idea should be well received by both the competitors and the citizens who will help give them wings.

Watch the Facebook pages of Tour du Lac Brome or Tempo, to find out more about this distinctive sign.

Once again, Brome Lake Ducks products will be featured during this event.

Correction: Since this article was written, the decision to label the home team has been postponed.

Facebook Page for Tour du Lac Brome Merrell

Website for Tour du Lac Brome

Translation by Jean-Claude Lefebvre