Alison Marks

On a beautiful Sunday, September 29th morning, the Town of Brome Lake officially opened the new dog park, located near the Fire Station and immediately beside the Community Gardens just off Mont Echo Road.

And what a dog park it is! With separate small dog and large dog enclosures, all the canine species can enjoy green grass, trees, and raised rocks and tires for endless sport. Their devoted owners get to walk about the park on crushed and even have pick-up bags supplied at regular intervals. It doesn’t stop there. A hose is supplied to wash off dusty or dirty Fido, and before going home, same pet can have a drink at the doggy water fountain.

To celebrate the joyful official opening, dozens of dogs and their owners showed up to cavort and chat, whatever the case was. Many old friendships were renewed, as refugees from Lions Park found their way to the new dog park. Ô Paradis Animal from West Bolton was on hand, generously offering free dog nail-clipping, Ben McAuley, budding photographer, had a booth for portraits of dogs and their masters, pet health information was available and dog treats and wearable paraphernalia were on sale. For the grateful owners, delicious Virgin Hill coffee was served along with tasty human treats.

It was a grand day for all concerned. Thank you Town of Brome Lake. Woof, woof.