After a 40-year career spent as a dentist in in Knowlton, Dr Jean-Pierre Martel has decided to retire. “The pandemic has really forced my decision’’ said Martel in a telephone interview with Tempo. Before leaving, he made sure that his clients would not be forgotten. At the end of May, Dr. Juan Carlos Rodriguez took over Dr. Martel’s practice. Some familiar faces, such as Sarah Biggs, at reception will continue to serve the clientele at the clinic.

What’s on the radar screen for the new retiree? “Travelling, said Martel, but these projects will have to be put on hold for the time being.’’ In any event, said Martel “I feel like, as they say in the Magdalen Islands, a place he cherishes – I may not know what time it is but I  have all the time in the world!’’

We are all extremely grateful to you Dr Martel for all these years. And now it’s time to wish you a happy retirement!