This March, five new First Responders: Terek Lapierre, Colleen Andersen, Sylvie Morin, Jennifer Jones and Vicky Carrier, joined the Brome Lake team. These five bring the total number of First Responders in both TBL and West Bolton to 35. We are a fortunate community to have this much appreciated service. What does it take to be a First Responder in TBL and West Bolton? We asked Alan Bowbrick, Chief of Operations.

“First, you have to be 18 years old and have a valid drivers license (Preferably a class 4A). You must not have a criminal record and you will be asked for permission to have this checked. You must take and pass the 60-hour training and final exam. After your first year, you are required to follow the program of recertification, of which there are three sessions of four hours every year, to maintain your competence.

Each team member will be asked to give a minimum of four shifts of 12 hours per month. You will be compensated for your time.

This is taxable income. You are responsible to be on time for your shifts and you cannot leave the territory of the Town of Brome Lake or West Bolton during the course of your shift unless authorized by the Chief of Operations. You must conform to the code of conduct, and remember that you must keep all information confidential.

The town pays for your uniform and provides a vehicle (Why you need a Class 4A license). It also pays for the test for your 4A license and pay for vaccinations against hepatitis, tetanus, and flu.

You will be joining a team that covers one of the largest territories in Quebec. The First Responders are in their 17th year and the team averages 450 calls per year (1.3 calls per day). They recruit once a year and train in January and February. If you think you have what it takes, contact the Chief of Operations at