Main dans la Main, a not-for-profit community social pediatrics centre based in Cowansville, inspired and certified by the Fondation Dr. Julien, invests in activities and programs to assist families in difficulty and children in vulnerable situations.

Marie-Claude Lizotte, General Manager of Main dans la Main is a big-hearted woman. A resident of Bondville, she holds an MBA degree and owns several businesses in our region. Agreeing to run the pediatric centre was easy for her; it allowed her to follow both her heart and her business head.

“Main dans la Main needs you to help these children”, she says. “Save your money for the Dr. Julien Christmas Fundraiser to be held on December 15 between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Volunteers will collect funds from vehicles and pedestrians at the TBL Town Hall on Victoria and at the pedestrian crossway facing Uniprix on Knowlton Road. Please be generous. Last year we raised $52,000. We hope to top that this year.” She adds, “Currently, approximately 25 Brome Lake children are in the Main dans la Main program. But we see a potential need to provide care for up to 100 children and their families in the Town of Brome Lake. Proceeds from our Christmas fundraiser drive on December 15 will allow us to increase our efforts to address this need.

If you cannot attend the Fundraiser, make a gift on by selecting the name of this organization on the list on the website. If you are involved in a business that promotes a social mission, you can participate in Main dans la Main’s corporate fundraiser. Brome Lake’s children are counting on your support.

Translation: Tam Davis