Mélanie and Philippe, who will run the future Musée Canadien du Vélo on Victoria Street in 2019, just opened La Cyclerie (The Bike Shop) on Knowlton Road in the former T-Room location. Their idea was at first to have an ice cream truck to teach their five children the basics of business. An opportunity presented itself and they decided to open their ice cream shop in the village, where they could also provide equipment and bike repair tools for self service in case of a break during a ride. A very good idea as the nearest bike store is in West-Brome

Since Knowlton is a favourite destination and stop for bikers, the local strategic site was ideal for their business.

La Cyclerie opened in April with a terrace on the side to enjoy the home made ice-cream made by Mélanie, or a soft ice cream cone dipped in Belgian chocolate, or a coffee with a Viennoiserie.

Children with a sweet tooth will also enjoy the candy counter.

Across one of the walls you will also find, for self service, equipment and repair parts for bikes and also pieces of art and jewellery handmade from recycled bike parts.

Bikers being their main target, they will offer food for the road: jellies, energy bars, nuts and cheeses. Mélanie is even working on a sugarless sorbet because these sportspeople are often careful of what they eat.

The colourful and playful decor brings a dose of vitamins to this “happiness peddler” store! The nostalgics will be able to test their reflexes and skills on the old-times pinball machine.

La Cyclerie may well be to the cyclists what the Knowlton Pub is to the bikers, a must stop during their day bike tour in the region. It could become a destination of the one day circuits. Interesting detail, dogs will be allowed on the outside terrace. Bowls of water and maybe even frozen delicacies will also be available for them.

La Cyclerie will be opened daily in early June for the summer from 11 a.m. to around 8 p.m. and weekends from fall to Christmas. In spite of their young age, you may sometimes come across the couple’s children helping occasionally, between their trainings.

Translation: Guy Côté