If you are one of many who has been curious about the plans for the old Chin restaurant at 514 Knowlton Road, after its sale in 2018, it will interest you to know that local glass artist, Annie Schank of Le Can.Art Verre (with a green duck logo), has transformed it into her dream studio. Schank wanted a proper space to do her glass art which she had been doing at home. A tour of the bright, spacious and shiny new studio convinces you of the difference a proper space can make for a glass artist. The studio is home to 4 kilns, including a vitrigraph kiln, and a fifth one is on order. It also features a wet room, sandblasting room, and a dark room for silk screening. There are storage units for the sheets of glass and shelving to display the many transparent cylinders each filled with a different color of spaghetti or linguine shaped glass.

Schank’s love affair with glass art began 20 years ago when she took a night class in stained glass. She soon moved on to experiment in other forms of glass art including mosaics and fused glass. Basically, she is interested in all things glass with the exception of glassblowing. “I am obsessed with glass. My biggest fear is that I won’t get to do all the ideas that are in my head,” effuses Schank. Which is why she does not do commissions. There just isn’t enough time.

“I like the science of glass. I never know what I will find when I open up the kiln” she explains. One has to take care when heating and cooling glass to prevent it from shattering. Schank jokes “you can tell I am a glass artist by the band-aids on my fingers.” Schank grew up in Thetford Mines but her life took her to the U.S. “We are reverse snowbirds now” she says. Schank had been missing home and so in the summer of 2012 she and her husband rented a place in Magog. Her husband fell in love with the area and they soon bought a home on Sugar Hill. They returned from the US when the pandemic hit and have been here since.

Schank has had many requests to teach classes and she is looking forward to being able to offer them as soon as it is safe to do so. With her background as a teacher and her knack for storytelling they are sure to be popular. The public will have a chance to admire her tongue in cheek mosaics and her unique decorative objects and gift items when she hosts open houses a few weeks a year. To contact Annie Schank please email her at annieschank@yahoo.com