Artisans around the world have been blowing glass for practical and artistic purposes for hundreds of years. There are currently 30 glass blowers working in Quebec. But only one is using recycled clear glass. And she is here in Town of Brome Lake. 

Her name is Caroline Couture, and she has her studio and storefront called Boutiverre in the commercial heart of Knowlton. It is open seven days a week, and you can find her working with a kiln as hot as the fires of hell, creating custom lighting for residential and commercial projects for interior designers, individual clients and retailers like Simons.

“I started my studio six years ago after studying glass arts and crafts in Montreal”, said the South Shore native. “Five years ago, I opened Boutiverre to the public.” It is one of fifteen such studios in Quebec and expansion has led her to double her staff. This summer that number will swell to six, as the never-ending pandemic causes more Quebecers to stay close to home and support local merchants and artists. She offers them beautiful pendants, table, floor and wall lamps at prices that begin at around $300 and spiral up from there. She also showcases the creations of 20 other glass blowers. 

Couture is accepting students for short discovery activities in the summer months, with subscriptions starting in June and filling up fast. “I would like to thank everyone for bringing in their clear thick glass bottles.” Without their contributions she could not continue her unique art. 

Couture can be reached at the studio, 290-A Knowlton Road, or through 

She greatly appreciates contributions of clear, thick, glass bottles. 

Photos: Dominique Parizeau