On October 21 residents of Brome Lake could see and hear an enormous helicopter transporting huge footbridges along the shore of the lake. What a show! This is part of a project we’ve waited for thirty years to see. It will complete a 12.6 kilometre public trail which has just opened and become accessible to all. The official inauguration will occur next spring.

Four 20-metre long footbridges, each weighing 9,000 lbs, were carefully installed, one after the other, on a temporary structure by the skillful pilot and the BSL team, the company hired to carry out the project.

The footbridges are comprised of aluminum platforms designed by the MAADI Group of Boucherville. One of the group’s partners, Olivier Bigler, is a TBL resident. Since the helicopter had a maximum load capacity of 10,000 lbs and each footbridge weighed 9,000 lbs, to preserve its safety margin, the helicopter could not operate with a full fuel tank. So the helicopter was refuelled after each footbridge was installed. It took almost a half-day to complete the installation of the footbridges.

They are now installed and usable, but more work will need to be done in the spring. This work was interrupted by the recent loss of power and the first snowstorm of the season. The town will announce the official opening date once the project has been 100% completed. Get your hiking shoes, your snowshoes, your bikes with huge tires and your cross-country skis ready, because this winter in Brome Lake will be very active.

Translation: Tam Davis