People and organizations who advertise in this area, already recognize the value of using Tempo. The paper reaches all 5,500 house- holds in our area and is in a format that means it is usually kept for a least a month. Tempo is highly trusted. It has been ranked the most trusted source of news in our region. (Data from a Crop Poll commissioned by the Town of Brome Lake in 2015).

Since May 2017, Tempo has also had a presence on the web. How does this add value to our advertisers? The equity of your advertisement has been increased even further.

Each year we republish every issue online. Every article is individually posted and the entire full edition, with all the advertisements, is put on the front page of the website in pdf form.

Many of our readers are weekenders or are travelling. This means they still get their copy of Tempo. Many visitors who have no access to the paper look to Tempo online to find out what is going on here. There is more. In the Archive section, at least three years of entire issues are maintained. Visitors and locals use this resource as their window into local life. So far, there have been 13.5 thousand searches of the archive pages. Your advertisement is placed next to this content and remains available for years.

Tempo now offers local advertisers a uniquely broad reach into the homes and wallets of both visitors and local residents