Cleaning up certain ditches, public trails and parks that are in need of TLC (Tender, Loving Care) is what a group of fellow citizens, led by town councillor Lucy Gagnon, is proposing. This is a great opportunity to take concrete action on Earth Day 2019. Mark Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon on your agenda!

As a token of appreciation, the town will offer us a “lunch” at Douglass Beach.

In each of the six Town of Brome Lake districts, the municipal councillor wants to find volunteers who will choose the places that require most attention. Come with friends and family, a beautiful message for young people. This is the first edition of what will become an annual event. Check the website: regularly for more details.

Please indicate your interest by email at: Enter your street name and telephone number (optional). A volunteer will notify you of the appropriate gathering place.