During winter, many trees, shrubs and conifers suffer from the snow and ice. It is important to prune all dead and damaged branches, and March is the ideal month to do this work.

Pay special attention to your fruit-bearing trees. March is the time to prune them to ensure you will have a better yield in spring and summer. As for all trees, the first step is to eliminate all dead or damaged branches. Then cut back all branches growing straight up – in horticulture they are considered greedy suckers.

It is very important to use sharp, disinfected shears to ensure minimal scarring, and especially to reduce infections. You should also prune branches that crisscross in the tree’s centre. That will enable more light to penetrate. By promoting more air and light, pruning prevents disease and improves fruit quality.

Flower and vegetable seedlings

In our region, March is also the best month to start your flower and vegetable seedlings. For many amateurs, seedlings let you bring a note of creativity to your garden. Bear in mind the flower you so admired on your garden tour in Victoria is not necessarily available in our local garden centres.

Gardening is an agreeable task, but it can be demanding. To avoid frustration, it pays to do your research before deciding and buying. Lastly, ensure the tools you intend to use in your garden during summer are in good condition.

Translation: Tam Davis