We are the team of five doctors at the Knowlton Medical Clinic. We are writing to Tempo and to the Brome Lake community to explain the extremely difficult situation that our clinic is experiencing at this time. We have had to announce the retirement of two of our doctors. Dr. Barakett, for health reasons, is not able to return to his medical practice, and Dr. Barbeau will be leaving his practice the 1st of June 2019.

This being said, we must explain that our medical team is experiencing a great deal of fragility. We want to thank all of our patients and the community for their support. It is with your presence and kind words that we are continuously reminded of our reason for being.

We wish to apologize for the changes that have occurred due to these unfortunate announcements. The positions for a new doctor are attributed by the government and the vacant position left by doctors exiting their medical practice are not necessarily filled. We are currently in discussion with the regional departments to attempt to obtain privileges for new doctors. The Pommeraie territory, for several years, has been in a deficit of attributions compared to the amount of departures in the medical field.

We will temporarily continue to offer services to the patients of our departing physicians. As our appointment availabilities will be affected by this situation, we ask that our patients use our services wisely. When in doubt please consult with Info Santé or other health professionals such as your pharmacist, optometrist, dentist, travel clinic, etc.

In the event that your health requires a medical visit, our secretaries and nurses will likely need to ask you certain questions, this in the objective to navigate your need appropriately.

If your current health does not require an appointment with a doctor immediately, we ask that you wait to make a medical appointment for the moment.

Dr. William Barakett’s and Dr. Jean-Jacques Barbeau’s patients are invited to register on the waiting list by using the Quebec Family Doctor Finder GAMF ( Our remaining doctors, Dr. Désy, Dr. Giannangelo and Dr. Lamoureux, will unfortunately not be able to register you as one of their patients during your medical consultation. There is a possibility that the (GAMF) will refer you to one of these physicians upon availability.

Once again, we thank our patients for their support and understanding.

Knowlton Medical Clinic Team