The Town of Brome Lake has joined Bromont and Cowansville in being the first communities in Quebec to go all electric. As of 2023 no private vehicle registered to a resident of the three municipalities will be allowed to run on fossil fuels, gasoline or diesel.

“It is part of a Quebec government initiative that is expected to go province-wide by 2025,” says Mayor Richard Burcombe. “The three of us (mayors) met with the Ministère des Transports de la Mobilité durable et de l’Électrification des Transports du Québec and at her urging agreed to be part of the project.”

There are incentives: Residents of the three municipalities will receive a subsidy of $18,000 per electric vehicle, no matter what its cost. This is in addition to the current subsidy of $8,000. While it would only reduce the price of a Tesla Model 3, with All Wheel Drive, to $48,000, it would mean a Nissan Leaf would be priced at approximately $12,000.

“Those subsidies are available immediately to encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles,” says a government press release. “Quebec has an abundant supply of electricity, and there will be special rates if the cars are charged at night.”

There will be exceptions – contractors who need pickup trucks and other commercial vehicles will be allowed to purchase internal combustion driven engines. Every gas station in the three municipalities will have to replace two thirds of their fossil fuel pumps with high speed Level Four charging stations – 300-500VDC – capable of a full charge in 10 minutes.

By Derf Nagnal

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