John Glover, who has died at the age of 68, was a lifelong resident of the area, having grown up in West Brome. For many years he owned and operated Knowlton House, (now Excelsoins), the care home on Knowlton Road. John went to Knowlton Academy, when it was both a grade school and a high school, and after graduating went to work for Bruck Mills in Cowansville where he learned to operate an early computer dyeing machine. He then moved to Union Carbide, where his father, Leonard, also worked.

His mother, Dorothy, taught him some accounting and he taught himself how to do taxes and book-keeping. He became a shareholder in Knowlbanks, the first autonomous senior’s residence built in Knowlton by Ernie Banks. He later partnered with Ernie to build Knowlton House, a facility which offered nursing care. He bought out his partners and became sole owner of the nursing home in 1997 and operated it until his retirement in October of 2018.

“Because John grew up here, he was able to help people he knew who were bringing their parents to Knowlton House,” said his wife, Carol Brault. John was active in the community, at the breakfast program at Knowlton Academy as well as donating funds to, and participating in the annual Cancer Walk. As a prominent local businessman, John was a member of the executive of the local chamber of commerce for many years. He was a keen golfer and was proud to have won a tournament in Cowansville.

A keen musician all his life, he had a band as a teenager, he would play his 12-string guitar at volunteer events such as BMP Hospital fundraisers

He is survived by his wife, Carol Brault, his children, Jill, Jennifer, Brigitte and Jeremy, his brother Kim and 11 grandchildren.