In the last three months, this project has raised $21,446, about 35% of the total that will eventually be needed.

“This initial funding will help us all learn the basics before any greenhouse is built,” said the founder of the project, Shelley Mizener. “The children will be involved from seed to table. We will begin, this spring, with pots in each classroom. In early summer, we will garden in raised beds in front of the school. During the summer vacation, volunteers will tend the beds so that when the students return in the fall, the produce will be available for harvest. After harvest, the students will learn how to process food for storage and then, in the Bistro program, how to cook and to serve it.”

Susan Muir, who designed the Knowlton Academy Outdoor Classroom, will design the layout for the raised-beds. One of these beds will be named in memory of Christine Bradeen. Planning for the greenhouse will be ongoing in 2017 with a high probability of construction for 2018.

You can follow the progress here

Donations to: Knowlton Academy Greenhouse/Gardens Project.

Back row left to right: Renalee Gore, Scott Edmonston, Jennifer Ruggins Muir, Rémi Lamontagne, Ann Butler, Jen Harrison, Shelley Mizener. Front row left to right: Heidi Neil, Susan Muir, Stephanie Marks, Tracey Randall