Keep up the pressure

Knowlton Clinic is short of doctors. Over 4000 patients, in this area, are without a physician in a province that has made it a priority to provide one to all of its citizens. For two months now, we are told, all the stops are being pulled out. Our MNA and cabinet minister Isabelle Charest, our municipal council, and all the heavy artillery at the CIUSSS are involved, and yet nothing seems to happen.

In TBL the population is aging fast. One sure sign is there are three seniors’ homes in town. As of early June, two had no doctor on call. This is an especially vulnerable population. The only option is 911 and the emergency ward, causing undue hardship for the patients and high costs to the health care system.

There are 939 doctors to service the Estrie area, according to the College of Physicians. In its May issue, Tempo noted that 35 doctors were registered in the various clinics of Knowlton, Sutton and Cowansville. No one seems available to take on the ailing, aging population on a priority basis. We are told this is not the way the system works. Why not now adjust the system to meet the needs of the population? We counted 70 manager-types on the organization chart of the CIUSSS de l’Estrie.

Eighteen-hundred people signed a petition, but we need to do more. How about shouting a little louder, being less docile and starting to bother your politicians in Quebec City and the health care managers in our area? Send them letters, e-mails, phone calls, alert the media, be insistent so that they will want you out of their hair. Put more pressure on our various town councils so that they also push for us all. It is up to us who are in good health to fight for those who do not have the strength and capacity to get what they are entitled to.

Summer has finally arrived

The summer we all have longed for arrived late, but what a welcome thing it is. There is no shortage of things to do this summer.

Tour des Arts kicks off on July 13 with displays of dozens of local artists. Browse or buy. There is the picnic atmosphere of Shakespeare in the Park. The Brome County Historical Society’s Museum is flourishing with new credentials. The Knowlton Theatre’s season is already underway and runs all summer. It’s signifcant fundraiser, The House and Garden Tour on July 10, is a popular event. The theatre is also being used for the Film Festival, which has turned into an amazing success story of its own.

There is the Country Music Festival in July and the Celtic Harmonies International Festival in October. Most of these events are chronicled in detail in Tempo.

While we take these things for granted, we can count ourselves lucky to be living in a place with so many cultural events going on. All of these rely on local volunteers who donate their time and others who make generous donations. In the best things in life are free department, there is the lake, the walking path which should be expanded this summer, and the bicycle paths, more clearly marked and widened in places.

Summer. It is sweet and short. And no better place to spend it as than right here.