Stepping into this cozy bright studio/shop you get the immediate sense that this is a place where creativity thrives. Here, talented friends Anne Piché, Dominique MacKay, and Renée Beaulne have been collaborating to bring their artistic ideas to life since last summer. 

On the left as you walk in, placemats, cushions and other items made with their handwoven fabrics are attractively displayed. The space has room for three different
size looms that weavers,  Dominique and Anne, share.

At the back on the right, Renée has her sewing machine station. As well, a press is set up where Renée’s eye-catching ink designs are transferred onto fine paper to make one-of-a-kind gift cards and small prints for framing. These monoprints are found displayed on shelves to the right. On the opposite wall, shelves stocked with spools of colourful thread take us to Anne’s desk at the back where she continues to practice her trade as a graphic artist. Anne’s newer passion for weaving has meshed well with her many years of working with color, texture and design. 

Dominique has always enjoyed working with needles whether it be knitting, crochet or macramé and more recently she fell in love with the technical aspects of weaving. Winding the thread to set up a loom is an intricate and time-consuming process that requires much patience.

If you are interested in original handmade items for yourself or for others, Les Filles du Coin will be pleased to welcome you at 290 Knowlton Road whenever the “open sign” is hanging in the door. As their clever slogan painted in the front window, “On Fil Good” suggests, their feel-good attitude just might rub off on you. And don’t be surprised if you walk away with some artistic inspiration of your own. It is contagious.