The Henry Family bids farewell

Willa, Diana and Jane Henry would like to thank the community of Knowlton for many years of friendship, camaraderie, and support. We have been honoured to be a part of the Townships community, and members of the Foster family, who have been in the townships for generations.

We have sold our home on Lakeside after the death of both of our parents, Jill and Huck Henry. We leave with heavy hearts.

A special thank you:

  • to Doug Charby for the many stone walls that he built for our
  • to Jeff Grimond for his wonderful building skills.
  • to Tom Bogan, Mel and Eli for the years spent keeping the
    property in great shape.
  • to Eileen Menec for delicious meals and birthday cakes.
  • to Jim Tryhorn for the duck barbecues and many laughs. We
    miss you and your wonderful sense of humour.
  • to Claude Trottier and all the Duck Farm staff over the years,
    thank you.
  • to all our friends and family in Knowlton, too many for us to  mention individually, for life long friendships and support. We will miss you all.
    Willa, Diana, and Jane Henry