New kitchen at Knowlton Academy

I dropped in to see the new kitchen at Knowlton Academy last weekend, and my jaw just dropped.

The transformation of the weary old kitchen into a state-of-the-art 2019 kitchen was a miracle.

Volunteering for the breakfast program, Kirk Lawrence was the driving force behind this miracle, together with his team Renalee Gore, Joan McKinnon, Judy Martin, Susan McKinnon Bell and of course Kirk.

From idea to fruition this all came to pass over the summer. All I can say is WOW. You must drop in to see it.

Sheryl Taylor Knowlton

An Art Studio opens in Knowlton.

Ursula Kofahl Lampron and Jennifer Jonas, two local artists, have opened a Studio the main purpose of which is to provide them with adequate space in which to practice their art. A vernisage was held on the week-end of September 14, 2019. The Studio is located opposite the Pub and around the corner of Karma.

Jennifer first studied Hotel management and Cordon Bleu Cookery. She traveled widely and while in Africa catered a part of Princess Margaret’s tour of the continent. Jennifer studied art at the Sadyie Bronfman School of Art. She notes that her canvases are based largely on imagination, rather than on concrete models. Equally at home as a sculptor, it is here that her love of horses finds its most imposing realization. She has also been associated with the Knowlton Players, painting canvases for both professional and amateur productions.

Ursula, born in Germany, emigrated to the U.S. and later to Canada. Formal training in painting took place at Montreal’s Concordia University. artist, her paintings and sculptures have been exhibited at the Carousel in Paris, France and in many North American Cities. She holds the title of Maître-en- Beaux Arts awarded by the Academie Internationale des Beaux Arts du Quebec. Ursula states that each piece of her art is a “happening”, the piece being allowed to shape its characteristics as the work progresses. She shares with Jennifer a love of horses, a fact which informs a good number of her paintings.

These admirable ladies emphasize that their Studio is a work space and not an exhibition boutique. Accordingly, public viewings of their art will take place only on designated occasions. That said, should one wander by when either or both ladies happen to be “in residence” a welcome would surely be offered. Knowlton cannot but be enriched by the combined talents of Ursula and Jennifer. May they find here much fulfillment!

Henry Schreiber Knowlton

Mt Echo Road by Sugarhill

Since this past spring, water has been eroding this brand new section of Mt Echo Road and the town has done nothing to repair and maintain the road. The same is happening to older sections of Mt Echo Road and nothing is being done.

This section of road was completely rebuilt only a few short years ago at great expense. Now because of neglect, this section of road will degrade and be lost, and all those taxpayers dollars will be gone.

It is outrageous to see the town of Brome Lake waste our tax dollars. Why are they ignoring such a core responsibility as road maintenance? Are we to believe that what is happening to our roads is a reflection of what is happening in town Hall?

Please maintain our roads.

Paul L. Cote Knowlton