Submitted by the Pettes Memorial Library Board

“This is a once-in-a-generation project’’ said Pettes Memorial Library Chair, Jane Livingston at the formal launch of the fundraising campaign to transform the Library.

At the launch that took place recently in Coldbrook Park, adjacent to the future site of the Pettes expansion, the Chair of the Board of Trustees qualified this investment as “a gift, a legacy from the present generation to the future ones.’’

Richard Burcombe, mayor of the Town of Brome Lake said: “Brick by brick, we continue to build this magnificent public square project that we have, and the expansion project of the Library is an important component of it.’’

The estimated cost of the project is $5.2M and it has already attracted many important and generous donors.

The internationally known author Louise Penny, a resident of Brome Lake has pledged $600,000 towards the project that she holds dear: “I have benefitted hugely from libraries. Had there not been one in my community I doubt I would be a writer today.’’

The donors’ list is already impressive and at its helm is Mr. Leslie Jonas, Chair of the fundraising campaign, Madame Claire Léger, the Town of Brome Lake, Desjardins, and many TBL citizens.

It’s only the beginning.

Once completed, the new and bolder Library will be a meeting place with many activities tied to books, reading, writing, literacy for all generations.

The MediaLab, a digital factory of sorts, will surely attract youngsters with its full range of technological equipment that will contribute a large and unique palette of services for the whole region of Brome-Missisquoi to enjoy.

We will keep you posted!

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