Here is a summary of some good news from the Knowlton Medical Clinic. It is well known that the clinic has for months faced a serious shortage of medical personnel, putting at risk access to medical treatment for the large elderly population in Town of Brome Lake.

A spokesperson for the clinic recently told Tempo: “Earlier this year we met with doctors interested in coming to work at the clinic. During the year, we stayed in touch with them by phone and emails. Candidates have applied to the PREM (the regional medical staff program) responsible for filling the medical positions open in the La Pommeraie territory, (an administrative area which includes TBL). We expect to hear PREM’s response to the applications at the end of November or beginning of December, 2019.”

“At present,” added the spokesperson, “we have recruited a doctor who will join our team shortly to assist us in treating patients who do not have appointments or only require limited clinical visits.”

“In addition, in early October we met with managers from the CIUSSSE to assess an opportunity to hire a nurse practitioner in 2020.”

“To sum up, we do not have concrete answers at this stage, but we are very optimistic,” she said.

Traduction Tam Davis