Putting together small agricultural producers from Brome- Missisquoi who share ecological and humane values, gave rise to the Coop Terroir Solidaire, explains Laurence Levasseur of the Selby farm in Dunham. Currently the Coop has eight producers, including three in the Brome Lake area: Patch Farm, Jorick Products and Cheeky Creek. Several members met while attending the agro-food business startup programme of the CLD in Cowansville two years ago. Launching a business requires lots of organization and capital. They realized they could share conversion, warehouse, distribution, delivery and marketing services, help each other and share certain resources such as tools.

Although members are still working on their mission statement and their business plan, the Coop just celebrated its first year. Consumers were able to find their products in public markets this past summer and last winter in Sutton. During the coming year they hope to open a butcher shop, a production kitchen and a sales outlet.

What types of products can one f ind at the Coop? Meats, from rabbit to beef, turkey and pork. Vegetables, sprouts, garlic flower products (scape) and more. They are not yet bio-certified, but they are all passionate about animal welfare and the quality of their products.

They can be found at certain local events. Perhaps you saw them near Brome Fair on Stagecoach Road. They transformed a grain silo into a “food counter” where they served up probably the best pulled pork sandwiches in the whole area. If you were among those fortunate enough to stop by, you probably understand the growing enthusiasm for their quality products. Until the opening of their boutique, their products will be available at the Sutton Winter Market and next summer in certain public markets.

Translation: Tam Davis