To look at this photo, it is hard to imagine how this relaxed-looking deer had managed to find herself in the bedroom of a resident of Manoir Lac Brome on Mont Echo Rd.

The senior resident had been quietly having her breakfast in her living/dining room prior to getting dressed and putting in her hearing aids. Little did she realize what surprise awaited her when she opened her bedroom door. She found this gentle guest had come to visit and it even flicked its ears at her in greeting.

Apparently, the deer was spooked by a dog when it ventured onto her property and in the territorial chase that ensued, mistakenly bounded through the screen and knocked out the window of a downstairs room in the residence. The hospitable lady pushed the emergency button and announced: “There is a deer in my bed- room.” You can imagine that the immediate reaction might have been a little sceptical but soon the truth of the statement was realized.

The local game wardens were called and shortly arrived on the scene. The patio window was removed, and the deer nimbly jumped back through the window to freedom, seemingly none the worse for its adventure.