Marcel Dussault, who has died at 79, operated a women’s hair salon in Knowlton for 54 years.

His mission was to offer services that met his clients’ needs without ever making them wait,” said his grandson Thomas in 2017, the year his grandfather retired after a heart attack. “Grandfather often told me that the person sitting in his salon chair was always his priority. My grandfather was a creative, passionate, hard-working man who shared his knowledge and kept up with new trends for 54 years.”

Marcel was born in Granby in 1941 and grew up there and in Farnham. He trained as a hairdresser and opened his first shop at the corner of Lakeside and Knowlton Road,
where he also sold wigs and shoes. A few years later he moved to his house at 238 Knowlton Road where he operated his salon. When asked why he chose to set up shop in Knowlton he said that his family had property near Brome Lake and he loved the area.

“He was always up to date, attending annual hair products sale conferences, and he always listened to what you wanted,” said one of his clients. “He didn’t try to force his ideas and hairstyles on you.” His daughter Mélanie would spend time as a child talking to her father’s customers. She said he lived for his work and family, but had a wide range of interests.

“He loved going to Montreal to visit museums and the Botanical Garden. At home he loved to garden. He won prizes for gardening and was featured in magazines,” said Melanie. “My father had a passion for music and loved to dance. He met my mother when they won a dance contest together.”

His daughter Mélanie survives him as does his son Stéphane and his grandson, Thomas to whom he was very close.