The income of the business is a secret. Mario Paris, CEO of É, better known as, doesn’t like to measure its success in dollars. But he will eagerly describe for you the capabilities of his showcase product, Bubble Tubing, whose multiple applications enable businesses to better manage and improve the quality of aquatic environments. Today this product is in high demand across the globe.

“We no longer dig ponds like we used to with our sister company Les Étangs PPM inc.,” Mario Paris explained. “Between 1997 and 2003 we created over 200 ponds in the region. Let’s face it, that era definitely drew to a close in 2003,” he said with a smile.

His winning combination: a small-scale multinational

Aerating and de-icing aquatic areas; containing oil spills; aerating internal basins used in mining operations and ponds used to treat liquid wastes; creating bubble walls capable of reducing sound from undersea operations which disturb and harm whales and belugas, or preventing plastic materials from reaching the oceans; possibly contributing to ridding us of invasive water plants: these are the services that É provides these days, now online under the name “In fact our industrial branch is now way ahead of our residential, commercial and municipal sectors.”

Mario Paris: the man…

The mad to measure solutions of Bubble Tubing, developed by this bold, meticulous and determined entrepreneur and his team, are turning heads in the rest of Canada and internationally. Currently fifteen countries, France, the Netherlands, England, Spain, India, the United Arab Emirates and others, are clamouring for this cheap, eco-friendly and effective product. Today Mario Paris does not shy from describing É as a small-scale multinational: “Twenty employees at most and it works!”

More and more Canadian and international

For several reasons, which he calls “a certain immobility at Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment”, this bold entrepreneur decided to focus on the rest of Canada and international markets.

Inspired by the experience of other Canadian firms already established abroad, he made his moves strategically and prudently. His strategy paid off. He allied himself with Canadians to make bids for business outside Canada. “The Canadian embassies and Quebec’s trade missions abroad provided us tremendous assistance. They gave me support and credibility. That’s huge!”

Living in a changing environment

“Fifteen years ago I wrote on my Twitter account that my three great passions boil down to three words: art, humanity and environment. I work in the environment because it involves human beings. In fact, humanity’s greatest challenge is to live in an environment that is constantly changing.” It is obvious that Mario Paris strives hard to do his bit, however he can, to help humanity’s communities rise to that great challenge.

Number of employees: 20 in TBL. One representative in Europe
• Distribution of revenues: 60% industrial, 40% residential and commercial (including municipal)

• Distribution of clients: 80% in Canada (from east to west including Nunavut), approximately 18% internationally and 2% in the United States

• Five Year Target: 25% of projects internationally
• International Deployment: 34 countries in the last five years
• “Research and Development” Investments: 2% to 3% of annual budget

Translation: Tam Davis