The second meeting of a new local chapter of The Men’s Shed took place at the Community Centre at Brome Lake.

Meetings at Men’s Sheds are a bit like a woman’s Book Club, where women meet, supposedly to talk about a book, but, in reality, to use the book as a good excuse to become part of a community. In the Men’s Shed movement, men meet to work on projects. Working with each other is how men become part of a community.

“We have located a space in Knowlton and work will start in January 2020 on designing and building this workshop,” said Danny Williams, the founder of the Knowlton branch. “We have already defined our first project which will be to transform a twelve foot long organic pine slab (4 inches thick) into the meeting table for the Workshop.”

Participation in an outside work project can be a matter of life and death for older men. The reason for this is that a significant health-risk for an older man in retirement is the loss of his identity as a working and productive person. This is why men over the age of 67 have the highest suicide rates in the world and why men often die younger than women.

You can sense how well this idea is working by the statistics. There are 26 Men’s Sheds in Canada, 1,100 in Australia, 450+ in Ireland, UK 500+, Denmark 14, USA 14-16 and 100+ in New Zealand.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Danny Williams 450 915 6404 or visit