La Knowlton Co, the new brewing centre and restaurant on Knowlton Road, is in the final stages of completion. Nick Allan, the co-founder, hopes that they will be open by the end of September. “But the quality remains the main driver. I will not open until everything is ready.”

The structure is complete, the brewing equipment is in place and the bar and kitchen equipment, including a massive pizza oven, has arrived and is being installed. The final phase will be about quality finishing of both the inside and the exterior of the building.

The bar and restaurant look out through a window that takes up the entire north wall of the building onto a patio that will be set up as a beer garden. It is a stunning vista.

Onsite with Nick Allan was La Knowlton Co’s chef, Simon Vaillancourt. Previously, Vaillancourt was the executive chef of the downtown Hilton in Montreal. He has moved to Sutton. His parents live in West Bolton. “It’s great to come to work on a project like this,” he said.

Allan and Vaillancourt had just returned from a tour of local food producers. They intend to make La Knowlton Co, an integral part of our local food system.