Action communautaire Lac-Brome (ACLB), an organization, was established in July 2019 to foster integration, mutual aid and better living conditions in Brome Lake and the surrounding area.

A bilingual organization, ACLB offers services that complement but do not duplicate those of other community agencies in the area. It seeks, for example, to provide prevention and support services for residents of Brome Lake, West Bolton and Brome, including families with children under 18, and to help develop life skills and strengthen intergenerational bonds.

The following individuals are members of ACLB’s board of directors: Maggie Severs, Chairperson; Kimberley Moffat, Secretary; Elizabeth Dupéré, Treasurer; Yvonne Geoffrion, Martha Gubert-Gomes.

ACLB works closely with the Town of Brome Lake. Its other financial partners include the Brome-Missisquoi MRC, various federal and provincial departments and private donors motivated by particular concerns.

Two new projects will involve recruiting and hiring community workers for young people in difficulty, and seniors suffering from isolation. A substantial private donation has already funded the first project and recruitment is in progress to fill the position. For the second project, ACLB has applied for a $25,000 grant under the federal New Horizons for Seniors Program. Because of the pandemic, a reply is not expected before spring 2021.

Translation: Brian McCordick