A nurse practitioner will join the Knowlton Clinic team this fall. “It’s a done deal, as we say,” explained Dr. Michel Camirand, associate director of professional services et the CIUSS Estrie. This addition to the team will surely have a positive impact on the services offered to patients who do not have a family doctor.” There are 3600 in the La Pommeraie health territory.

At the present time, there are four family doctors at the Knowlton Clinic. Drs. Vincent Lamoureux, Dominique Désy, Dominique Giannangelo and Gordon Paul Roper.

Ideally, we need five, said Dr Camirand. There are 650 patients without a family physician in Brome Lake alone. All of Dr. Barakett’s and Dr. Barbeau’s patients are now being cared for by the Clinic’s other physicians.

Translation: F. Bastien