Many of us would like to buy more locally-sourced food. We know that such food is healthy for us and also for the land, animals and plants. But, we are often too busy to shop on the one day of the week when a farmer’s market is open, and choice in any one market may be limited. Now we can go to one website at any time of the day or night and buy a complete range of food and products.

The website is:

The Coop Terroir Solidaire, now 15 members strong, offers vegetables, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, cheese and prepared products such as kimchi all from one site. Pick-up is convenient at sites in Dunham, Bromont, Cowansville, Eastman, Frelighsburg and Montreal.

Plans are on track, in 2021, to open a store and a depot in Cowansville where we can go in person. The site will have 7,500 square feet of store and storage. It will also have a full-time butcher and a commercial kitchen.

“Now we can make it easier for both producers and customers to find each other,” said co-founder Kristen Gingera, co-owner of Cheeky Creek Farm.

“As we learn more about each other, unexpected benefits also appear. For instance, my farm sells sausages to La Knowlton Co. In turn, they give us the waste grain used to make beer as pig food. We now get whey from Fromagerie Gourmand in Bromont. They used to have to pay to have it taken away. In the artisanal world, one member’s waste is another’s food.”

If local artisanal food is important to you, please buy from the Coop. Watch for fundraising dinners that they will host in the future.