Going to the beach is normally a fun and relaxed way to enjoy a nice summer day. This year, at Brome Lake, going to the beach has been, for most residents, anything but relaxing and enjoyable.

At the last council meeting, TBL Mayor Richard Burcombe could not hide his irritation at all that went wrong (overcrowding, lack of distancing, vandalism, etc.) at the two public water accesses: Tiffany Beach and Douglass Beach. “As mayor, I spent the summer at the beach trying to control access and parking.’’ Signs were put up to prevent people from parking near the beach, but “they just ignored the signs, parked further away and walked to the beach.’’

This frustrating experience will lead to changes. Of course this year has been unusual in many ways and Brome Lake was not the only problem area, but, said the mayor, we cannot let a situation like this repeat itself.

“Every Monday throughout the summer, we looked at the changes needed at the beach. We installed gates around the beach park and limited access when the parking lot was full.’’

Other changes are in the works. For instance, parking rates will go up for non-residents; people who walk to the beach will also have to pay if they cannot prove they are residents. Parking time stamp machines will be installed at the beach so there will be no need to have an attendant at the entrance at all times. All options will be looked at promised the mayor.

“I am not a policeman 24/7’’ said Burcombe “but I certainly take my responsibility as mayor very seriously.’’