Peter “Tiny” Cummings died on January 29, 2019 at the Brome Missisquoi Perkins Hospital. He was 58.

Tiny was a co-founder and the heart of the Brome Lake Ducks Rugby Club. He played in the founding year of the team. For the first game, in May of 1985, the Ducks showed up to play St. Lambert at Sainte Julie with 15 players and no subs. Despite the lack of reinforcements, the players, a mix of beer league hockey players, high school and university students claimed a solid victory over the St. Lambert seconds in their first match. By the end of the first season, the club had grown to 25 members and the Brome Lake Ducks were in first place in their division.

In those early years, it was not always possible to field 15 or more players. “Tiny”, Peter Cummings, told Tempo of how the Ducks often played short handed and sometimes even had to borrow players from the other side. Thus started a tradition of the Ducks of showing up to play no matter what the circumstances.

His friend Chris Severs had this to say – We went to a tournament in Ottawa that first year he played. He loved beer and he loved his teammates. Had it not been for the massive trunk of Tiny’s car filled with 24s we surely would have run out of beer that first night. He was a hero from that night on. He simply loved us all, he had encouraging words for every player, he made a point of getting to know rookies, he treated everybody with respect, there was beautiful simple wisdom in his approach, he knew us so well, he watched the games keenly, gave us great tips, he was a quiet leader in big family with many big characters. His ways helped us become the close family we are today, he was an awesome example of how to treat people you care about.

Tiny offered support in many other arenas as well – Jeff Page recalls – I met Tiny in 1987 he volunteered at MV with Allen Lachapelle for Gary Allen on the wrestling team. I was 111 lbs and he helped coach as well as wrestling in the open category which basically allowed men that would be going to the Olympics. I my memory is right he was in the super heavyweight class which were real beasts he lost to a guy from out west coming in third in the tournament. The first two went to the Olympics, no joke. Hope I am remembering it right. I was 14 yrs old, great coach I remember him standing in my corner making the tear his head off motion and when he raised his voice the whole room would go silent, awesome. My point is that it was not only Rugby that Pete did well.

Tiny was son of Mrs. Beverley Bockus (late Gerald Cummings), and a long-time resident of St- Armand, Qc. He is survived by his brothers and sisters: Donna (Buzzy), Susan (Jeff), Philo (Carole), Josie (Andrew), Brian (Fay) and Ameli (Charles); his 16 nephews and nieces; his 11 grandnephews and nieces; his cousin Sanford; his cousins, uncles and aunts; his second family: Neil, Gerry, Gordon all being part of Brome Lake Ducks.