Now is the time to plant vegetable gardens, now is also the time to think of the wider food needs of our community. It is the spirit behind a project to provide locally grown vegetables to the various community kitchens and food banks of TBL, Brome and West Bolton.

To do so, it is suggested that gardeners plant an extra row of vegetables in their gardens. At harvest time, the proceeds will be distributed to various community organizations. The brainchild of West Bolton councillor Jacques Drolet, the project also aims to get the residents of those communities to work together and get to know each other better. Root vegetables are recommended for the extra row as they keep better throughout the winter.

“Many details need to be ironed out to complete the project,” says Drolet who hopes to be able to provide more details soon. Interested gardeners can call their respective Town Hall to find out more. TBL: 450-243-6111,; Brome: 450-243-0489; West Bolton: 450-242-2704,