Spring is in the air and planning for the 2018 season at the Knowlton Academy Garden project is in full swing.

As anyone who walks the trail along the river behind the school can see, in 2017 the project cleared and enclosed the site, built and grew food in many raised beds and added a local water supply. All the food grown in 2017 was used in the school kitchen.

In 2018, the main new feature will be a “Caterpillar” Hoop House, 8 feet high, 14 feet wide and 50 feet long. It will enable the gardeners to extend the growing season into more of the school year. “The greenhouse is still on the list of things to do,” said, Jennifer Ruggins- Muir, Project Coordinator, “but not for 2018.”

The community continues to be very generous and has donated two freezers to the project. They will enable food grown and processed to be kept well into the fall and winter. All the food, with one exception, is prepared and eaten in the cafeteria. The exception is a donation of 1,500 garlic buds that are being grown in three of the raised beds. The garlic will be sold and the money will go back into the project.

The garden opened on April 25th.