Results from our public consultation: Yes for the protection of Foster Mountain.

On May 4, 2019 the West Bolton municipal council tabled draft by-laws to enable a project for the conservation and development of Mount Foster. Since Council disclosed its conceptual plan in 2017, public acceptance of the project has been a fundamental condition to its being carried out. Under applicable law, council may adopt this kind of by-law without obtaining approval from those people qualified to vote. So council members decided to seek a public consultation by mail to all property owners in West Bolton in order to obtain their opinion. Seven hundred twenty-three ratepayers were invited to vote. The voting ended at noon on June 7, 2019. The count of votes occurred at the town hall that same day, and the following results were obtained (after a second count):

Yes: 76.2% (329 votes)

No: 23.8% (103 votes)

Participation rate: 59.8% (432 votes)

Thanks to this result, the Appalachian Corridor organization can protect, in perpetuity, a conservation area comprising 217 hectares in the municipalities of West Bolton and St-Étienne-de-Bolton. Moreover, citizens will have new access to the Scouts tower on the summit of Mount Foster, and an emergency corridor will improve the security of residents in this sector.

In the name of all members of the council, Mayor Jacques Drolet thanks all who participated in this important democratic exercise. This has enabled us to realize that, despite divergent views on how to get there, a consensus of West Boltoners supports protecting the environment.

Translation: Tam Davis