By Gail Watt, special contributor

By the time you read this there will be no more plastic bags available at the checkout counter at Knowlton’s IGA. Excellent!

Now, how about those small plastic bags in the fruit and vegetable section? Well, they will still be available but you don’t have to take them. IGA sells fabric bags exactly for that purpose – four black nylon mesh bags with draw strings, packaged in a 6”x 8” light grey pouch that says ‘Bulk – Food is everything’ (en vrac – Vive ma bouffe). The display is after the cash right beside the larger display of bright coloured big bags.

Sorting our household waste correctly – Most people try their best to get it right, but we are told that too many loads still get contaminated and rejected. How come? Of course, there are those who say they don’t care but perhaps, with the best of intentions, it is the rest of us, misinterpreting the information, or making a bad judgement call because we are confused and frustrated. A Facebook page has been created by private citizens to start finding answers to your questions: “Brome-Missisquoi-Sorting of Household Waste – Where do I put this?” As answers are acquired, they will be included in this column.


Bring all your recyclable glass to the bin in IGA parking lot. We are so lucky to have this facility!

• No big blue bags in the recycling! Everything must be loose in your blue bin.

Publi-sacs – to recycle, be sure that you have removed the flyers from the plastic bag. Put the flyers in the bin loose and put the bags in your ‘bag of bags’ that will go in the bin later.