A conspicuous absence

Renaissance lac Brome held its annual general meeting at the end of April. About 80 people showed up but RLB’s most important partner in the environmental protection of the lake, the town of Brome Lake, had no representative attending, an absence that was deplored on several occasions during the meeting where Mayor Richard Burcombe was scheduled to speak.

Water quality improvement… but

The quality of the water of the lake was rated as good last summer largely because there were no heavy rainfalls. “In fact, the water level was very low, hindering the smooth outings of pleasure boaters,” says the annual report. That in turn prevented the shaking of more sediments to the surface. “RLB also observed a net improvement by the town’s Public Works personnel in the way they managed the drainage ditches and stripped soil situations.”

Lakefront properties bypass bylaws

As part of its ongoing program to analyze shorelines around the lake, RLB visited 466 lakefront properties and found that 90% of them do not meet the norms concerning the proper maintenance of shorelines. “A program to provide assistance to help property owners to revitalize their shores will be undertaken in 2017,” says the report. Under RLB’s program to help revitalize shorelines, 176 properties are eligible for help such as advice, plantation plans and the planting of vegetation for a minimal fee ranging from $75 to $300 depending on lake frontage.

Also on the agenda

It is important in RLB’s view to adopt a lake management policy in order to manage spaces on the lake to deal with ‘wake’, water skiing; protection zones, corridors to depart from bays; access ways, parking, two-cycle motors, etc.

RLB urges the town to revise certain bylaws on erosion control, natural cover, runoff water management and wetlands. TBL already boasts of the most adequate measures in this regard states its annual report, “the challenge is making sure they are properly enforced.”

The lake’s protection body will also continue its inventory of yellow pike in Brome Lake as well as promote a nature park in Foster. The assembly adopted a resolution asking the town to voice its position on the nature park as well as to provide more details on its feasibility.

RLB recognition award given to Peter Wade

Peter Wade received this year’s recognition award for over half a century of dedication in the volunteer stewardship of the lake and other natural areas that needed to survive.

In his remarks, Wade pointed out the long-term positive results of all the efforts to improve the lake since 1961, when the Conservation Association was founded.

To quote from a 1969 report of this association: “During the past week, Brome Lake has been covered by a green mat of algae. In some areas it was so thick it could literally be picked up with a stick.”

Things really have improved.

Mr Wade received a sculpture of a loon from artist Guy Beauregard.