After having to postpone its Annual General Meeting because of the pandemic, Renaissance Lac Brome reported on its 2019 activities in mid-October. There were 34 participants present on Zoom.

In her report, president Hélène Drouin noted that the environmental group received $68,875 from the Town of Brome Lake in 2019. Most of those funds cover salaries. On the various problems affecting the water quality of the lake, Drouin noted that the level of phosphorus – a main cause of green algae – was on the rise; nothing to report on the spreading of the invasive red spotted crayfish. Some fourteen properties were visited in relation with the protection of shorelines and 701 trees were planted. Touching upon the activities of last summer, Drouin mentioned that some studies were under way about invasive species; 900 boats were cleaned before being launched. There was no mention of the number of contaminated boats discovered in the process. Over all, the water quality was good this year.

A plan in 2021

In a short speech to the virtual group, Mayor Richard Burcombe announced that a plan concerning the protection of the lake will be tabled in the spring of 2021. The mayor also replied to a question raised by a participant concerning the cutting of trees related to the construction of a large residence on Lakeside Road. He said that all the permits were issued and that the town was keeping an eye on that construction site. He also urged citizens to alert the town when they think some bylaws are being breached.

New members of the board

The assembly also voted in three new members of the board. They are: Don Joyce, Danielle Paquette and Caroline Renaud.

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