By Jacques Drolet, West Bolton Mayor

Results of the public consultation for the conservation and development project of Mount Foster are finally known. Approximately 60% of West Bolton taxpayers voted and nearly 80% voted “yes” to the project, suggested by the Municipality.

Does such a result mean that 20% of them were losers? Definitely not. While opinions may differ on the various ways to protect the mountain, I am convinced that everyone has the protection of our environment at heart. We all won and I include all people living from Northern Vermont to Mont Orford, or what is known as the northern corridor of the Green Mountains.

Over the years, Appalachian Corridor Appalachien has demonstrated its capacity to adequately manage such conservation areas. We should also salute the open mindedness of the elected members of the municipality of St-Étienne-de-Bolton, who proudly share the vision of the Municipality of West Bolton, for the protection of this magnificent mountain, Mount Foster.

Thank you to all, as we will benefit in the future.