When our children return to Knowlton Academy, they will find a new kitchen and a refurbished cafeteria. This work has been done thanks to Kirk Lawrence and his crack fund-raising team of Susan Bell, Judy Martin and their mother, Joan McKinnon.

“It was the quality of the food coming from the school garden and the efforts of all those that worked on that project that caused me to feel a disconnect,” said Kirk Lawrence. “How could the school eat this wonderful food in a kitchen that had not been changed since 1945?”

This summer, the kitchen was gutted and rebuilt with new floors, walls, lighting and appliances. The cafeteria has also been given a complete makeover and will have new tables and seating.

Funds have been raised from individuals, a number of family foundations and from the Lions Club. “Quilliams Electric did all the work pro bono. I have been blown away by people’s generosity,” commented Lawrence. “It’s such a hopeful sign to see how the community can help itself.”