Riley Fairholm was a popular, outgoing boy who grew up in Knowlton.

Riley, who died tragically at the age of 17, was well known to local residents as the smiling, joking young man who worked as a cashier at the IGA for the last couple of years.

Riley was born on December 31, 2000, at the BMP in Cowansville. “He was the last baby of the 20th century,” said his mother, Tracy Wing, speaking at her dining room table in Knowlton. “It snowed for 13 days after he was born.” He took to the snow and was on skis before he was two.

Riley went to Knowlton Academy, then Massey-Vanier. He played soccer, was part of the ski program at Knowlton Academy and skied with his family, mostly at Sutton. He loved fishing and went fishing and camping with his father, Larry. He loved to travel with his family. On a trip to New York City when he was 14, he set off on his own to buy a t-shirt in Times Square.

He was a bright, curious boy, brimming over with facts he gleaned from books, YouTube, television documentaries and listening to adults. Riley was a handsome young man and loved clothes. “He was a fashion billboard,” said his mother.

From the age of thirteen Riley always had a job. He worked taking orders on a food truck, Cantine Paul Hébert, which used to be parked in the middle of town. He loved dealing with the public, and they loved him.

Riley was a sensitive young man. “He was best at Thoughtful Tuesday (a weekly school session). He could always find something nice to say about somebody,” said his mother.

Riley Fairholm is survived by his mother, Tracy Wing, his father Larry Fairholm and his two sisters, Maggie and Regan.