Sam Evans worked with horses all his life, logging in woods or farming, he always used draught horses and never owned a tractor. “Sam was his own man. Everything he did in his farming life, he did with horses,” said his daughter-in-law, Gayle Evans, who keeps draught horses with her husband David Evans on their farm in Iron Hill. “His horses were his life.”

Samuel Owen Evans was born on March 19, 1929 at home on Fuller Road in West Bolton in the area known as Lost Nation. He lived in and around Knowlton all his life. For many years Sam farmed at a couple of locations on Mont Echo Road, keeping some cattle and his draught horses. He had a good eye for working horses and kept as many as four at a time, training them to do fieldwork or pull logs from the woods.

Sam worked with his teams into his sixties. Along with farming, he helped out on a property on Springhill Road and at Tara Hill in Knowlton when it was owned by John Mitchell. Sam worked right up until a month before he died. Making daily visits to the post office to pick up mail for a Knowlton resident as well as looking after pets for the same family.

Sam Evans died on January 10, 2019. He was 89. His wife Joyce Winnifred Price died two years ago. He is survived by his children, Shirley, David, Lilian, and Robert.