She has been cutting, colouring and curling our manes, making us feel more beautiful, for 30 years. France McCutcheon joined Salon Jean-Pierre on St-Paul Road in Knowlton in 1990. This is when she started to develop a very loyal clientele. In 1993, when she opened her own salon, in the basement of her home on Knowlton Road her clientele grew even more. Now, she is moving on. She closed down her charming hair salon at the end of October. “I will be missing the contact with my clients’’ said McCutcheon in a short interview with Tempo.


One of the things that she loved about her work was that it allowed her to look after her family; she was working from home. “Also, I could not have done it without Peter’s support and help with the children.’’ She met her husband Peter Stone in 1987. He was a policeman in Brome Lake. “It was a ‘coup de foudre’ for both of us I think’’ said McCutcheon when she recalls the very first time Peter, in his police cruiser, saw her walking on the street and proposed a date. They are a close couple and close to their community. Now their life will be changing. They are moving to Cowansville. “But I will be back to Knowlton for sure,’’ insists McCutcheon. We certainly hope to see her again and we wish her and Peter happy years of retirement.