A young boy by the name of Benjamin Barkhouse, born with Brittle Bone Disease, has been helped by the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Montreal, since he was three months old. At a July meeting of the Karnak Shriner’s E.T. Club Estrie in Sutton, Benben, as he is called, paid a surprise visit. It gave the members present so much joy to see how excited Benben was to see the red fezzes.

As Dexter Larose, the only Shriners International Ambassador in Quebec, said: “Today as I watched this young man walk with his walker, I was proud to be a Shriner, knowing that the Shriners were helping this child.”

Benben, now 41⁄2 years old, was born with six fractures and has been regularly breaking bones ever since. He has had three major surgeries at the Shriner’s Hospital and had pins and rods placed in his legs to assist him in walking. He returns to the hospital every six months for evaluation and bone density treatments.

All treatments have been provided free of charge and a bed for his mother, Rebekah Bergeron, is provided when he has to stay after surgery. He now walks with a walker and goes to physical therapy each week in Granby.

Benben lives with his family in West Brome. His father is Jordan Barkhouse and he has a sister, Brianna who is eleven. He is a social and a positive lad and is hoping to be able to attend Knowlton Academy next year. With his parents trained to cope with his day-to-day health issues, and the Shriners on his side, Benjamin Barkhouse has a wonderful support system.